Tania D. Russell

...is a born and raised native of Los Angeles. She began playing with makeup as far back as high school by participating in school fashion shows, and at some point while attending college at UCLA play became a real career. She started her career in film and then went on to work on numerous music videos including videos for Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears as well as many of the early videos for the legendary Death Row Records artists.

Now working primarily in advertising and lifestyle, she is known for her clean, precise application emphasizing beautiful skin, with the ability to get wild when the need arises. Besides makeup, Tania is a lifelong musician and singer, a serious (veggie!) foodie and baker, an electronic music dance floor professional, and she's even been known to hit a wave or two on a surfboard (although not very well). Tania works throughout the West Coast and is available both nationally and internationally. 

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tania @ makeupwerks.com

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